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As a native Southern Californian, I am blessed to have grown up in an area that encompasses year-round beautiful weather, amazing Real Estate, great cuisine, and world influencing entertainment. Having some of the most outstanding homes in America within a 5 mile radius definitely makes my role as a Beverly Hills Realtor unique! In and out of the Golden Triangle, guiding sellers and buyers through their real estate journey, in a one of a kind neighborhood, is a fulfilling and exciting career which I am grateful to have and am happy to share with you. Selling real estate in this area of the country is not just a privilege, it's a lifestyle as well as a gift.

January 19, 2012

The Legendary Trousdale Estates

Aaroe Architectural is making its presence known as a leading force in the world of LA real estate. Knowledge is power and we were very lucky to be the FIRST audience to receive a behind the scenes look at "Over The Top", an inside tell-all on the famed Trousdale Estates, by Author Stephen.

Step inside this exciting video to learn the history behind one of the nation's most envied neighborhoods.

January 5, 2012

Christina Aguilera's Former Crash Pad Up For Lease!

With her real estate portfolio recently taking an unwanted hit below the belt, Christina Aguilera still remains on the open market with her previously owned Osbourne Estate on Doheny Drive. This pink compound, as many of you have seen on the late MTV hit show, has been open to offers for almost an entire year now!! That of course means nothing other than the home is obviously overpriced, at an over the top $13,500,000. But Christina may learn sooner or later that the price must be cut to attract the right buyer at this point, for after one month of no open escrows in today's market, it simply means the market has REJECTED the price of your home! I have a good idea of what the home will go for, but I'll leave that a secret for those who are ready to submit an offer. :-)

That being said, let's look at her recent loss incurred up in the star studded, highly acclaimed Bird Streets of The Hills. After a painful 554 days on the open market, X-tina finally was able to sell her run down estate for $4,653,815, a dramatic drop from the initial list price of $6,250,000. W O W. What does that tell you gang? Price appropriately if you want to sell in today's one of a kind market. I myself personally spent a good amount of time in this home which was in devastating condition after 400 days on the market. The house smelled horribly of staleness, grime and disgust, and looked as if the place had been both deserted and attacked by the neighborhood's biggest slob. Needless to say, someone saw the vision beyond the less than acceptable appearance, picked it up for the right price, put some TLC into the solid bones at hand, and hoisted it back on today's open market for an attractive Hollywood Hills lease opportunity.

With the help of one massive cleaning crew, a little bit of vision, some fresh paint, and a couple months worth of sweat and hard work, this Bird Street bachelor (or bachelorette) pad is ready to rock again. Up at the top of a private cul-de-sac, high above Keanu Reeves' and other star's Hills hideaways, the home comprises 6,500sqft of living space with 4 beds and 7 baths. With a somewhat James Bondish wall placed in the middle of the living room of this architectural piece, the house closes off with floor to ceiling walls of glass encompassing endless SoCal views from The Hills down the to the affluent Westside coastline. A spacious master suite with over the top finishes provide the finest of materials in the sleeping room of the fortunate. The impressive movie theater and wet bar welcome you and your party of friends and associates in the downstairs entertainment area.Terrazo, marble and walnut floors grace the footsteps of this celebrity styled abode. Made for outdoor entertaining and embracing the beautiful land below, the backyard deck is lined with a large swimming pool and separate spa, finishing off the necessities of a nicely done home.

With recent transactions in the surrounding area of The Birds and all of Hollywood Hills, this home is deemed to be an attainable style of living with a list price of $29,000/month!

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